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Chrome does not like me tonight....

Well, I had a lovely long "I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month post" all written and ready to go and then Chrome crashed and I lost the whole thing. 


It has definitely been one of Those Days - starting with this morning, 15 mins away from work, I drove onto the N4 and into a Winter Wonderland - it was wellying down snow!! Heavy enough that it was beginning to lie and we were all in the office planning exit strategies (in order to avoid the 4/5/6 hour journeys that snow tends to bring in this country -Ireland really does not do snow well!) Luckily for us all it stopped and then a thaw set in so it's all gone - though there could be more snow tonight, the forecasters are just a bit iffy on where it could land! And with temps going to -6 tonight, the roads will be fun in the morning!!

Am woefully behind in all my shows (as ever) though I did spend the Christmas break marathoning seasons 1 and 2 of Covert Affairs, which I love! Season 3 is on the laptop, so if we do get a snow day I could power through that.... very unlikely though!

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