smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Big goofy grin on my face right now.....

OK, this is going to be the vaguest entry I've ever written, to spare people who haven't seen the eps and do not want to be spoiled.....

Merrily spoiled myself on Tumblr for the finale of Gossip Girl..... let me say I did not see that reveal coming AT ALL!!! Will be interesting to go back through the seasons now and find all the plot holes that it brings....

Also spoiled myself for the end of last night's How I Met Your Mother.... Holy Mary Mother of God, that was just PERFECTION. I saw the gifs first, and then someone linked to a clip of the scene - I waited til my office mate went to the canteen and then watched it. Big, goofy grin on my face is all I'm saying!!

In other TV news, Flashpoint finished last week. I'm sure I'll have a longer reaction post upon a second watch, but for now, let me just say this - ON THE FLOOR WEEPING BIG, UGLY SNOTTY TEARS. 

And when did it get to be a week til Christmas?!?!?

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