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Dreamwidth vs LJ

So I think I'm going to give posting to Dreamwidth, cross-posting to LJ and commenting on both f-lists another go. 

Simple reason for this - not mad on the new LJ posting interface (which is as ugly as homemade sin) and while I haven't checked out the new friends page that they're trying out (and will doubtless foist upon us sooner rather than later!) I believe it is also not very nice. 

Maybe stupid reasons to consider jumping ship, but I don't like change. Moreover, I don't believe in tweaking something that isn't broken jut to keep up with the newest shiny thing. I have a tumblr which I use to reblog pretty pictures, when I want more in depth stuff, I go to LJ /DW. 

Plus which, my paid LJ account is up for renewal in January, so it's probably the best time to give the experiment a go....
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