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100 things - #13

Given that 13 is meant to be an unlucky number, and that I titled this series Strictly Come Dancing With The Stars: The Good, The Bad and the God-awful, I figure it's time we took a flying leap into the godawful. 

And there were a few to choose from! Quentin Wilson's disastrous cha-cha perhaps, or Carol Vorderman's rumba?? (Actually, scrap that last one. I never want to see it again, never mind inflict it one someone else!!)

So, that left this. 

Kate and Tony - Jive - I'm Still Standing

Or, one of the biggest clusterf***s I have ever seen on the dancefloor. 

I really wish Craig judged the US version to see what he'd make of this....other than complete dance disaster!! The only thing I can ever say whenever I watch this is "Poor Tony. Poor, poor Tony." In this dance, Kate was off time, she totally forgot all her steps - you can see him coaching her on the floor. And on the subject of the BTS drama and his walkout, I don't think that was staged at all - I think he'd had enough and he was DONE. 

And of course, the music doomed it to failure for me, when you consider this is the song used for Jill's Jive (also known as my favourite SCD routine ever!)

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