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Nashville, eps 1 and 2

So, I just watched these two eps back to back, and all I can say is HOLY MOLY I LOVE THIS SHOW MY CAN BE HAVING MORE NOW????

Obviously, as you can tell from the icon, I love Gunnar and Scarlett. Their version of "If I Didn't Know Better" was all kinds of awesome. 
I am fascinated by Rayna and Deacon and whatever happened to break them up - there's a whole lot more backstory there that's going to have to come out (possibly during her husbands mayoral campaign.) Speaking of Teddy, he's always going to be Martin Fitzgerald to me. 

Oddly enough, I also find myself fascinated by whatever the hell is going on between Deacon and Juliette. Obviously, she hero-worships him and I think he sees the younger Rayna in her - Hayden did a great job giving the character layers, on the face of it she could have been just a total bitch, but you could see the vulnerability underneath (and I found myself wanting to find out exactly what makes her tick). And is she just playing him to get him away from Rayna's tour, or is there something more going on?

Only complaint for me was Powers Boothe as Rayna's father - he is a complete mustache twirling villian. Seriously, he's like a caricature.  (And if you can tell me where i know her sister from, you will have my eternal gratitude!)

In short, love love love - new favourite show of the season!!

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