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100 things - #10

Given that this music was re-used on tonight's programme for another Argentine Tango, I thought it was high time this dance made an appearance on the 100things list!

Mark & Karen - Argentine Tango - Goldeneye

THIS is how you dance an Argentine Tango. It's dark, it's moody, the legwork is all kinds of intricate but it is absolutely breathtaking. Ramprakesh looked every inch the gaucho, and himself and Karen just danced the hell out of this. Series 4 was the first time the AT was introduced into Strictly, and this is still one of the best ever. 

And because it has to be mentioned - I will forever adore Karen's reaction at the end - "Oh YES!!" - she knew they'd nailed it! (And she posted on twitter this week that she was sure the camera had panned back to Bruce when she said that.....)

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