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my gast, it is flabbered.....

So, I was browsing digitalspy during my tea-break at work, looking to read reactions to last night's Emmerdale Live, when the following headline reached out and smacked me over the head. 

'Dancing with the Stars': Anna Trebunskaya to divorce Jonathan Roberts.

Gast. Flabbered. 

They said in their statement, "We have enjoyed more than a decade of a very loving, loyal and happy relationship, but after much soul searching, we have decided to end our marriage. We are committed to staying friends and dance partners. We have immense respect for each other as people and performers.”

I'm absolutely shocked at this - I would have said that they were rock solid. 

Here they are from earlier this year, dancing a spotlight dance in a tribute to their friend and dance colleague Julia Ivleva following her diagnosis with stage 4 lung cancer

From this, I would never have thought I'd be reading that statement a few months later. 
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