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100 things - #9

This is another new routine, and an instant favourite - I watched this one last Saturday night and was just completely blown away -

Denise and James - Jive - Tutti Frutti

This was just amazing - so fast, but her footwork was clean and precise and she was right on the money timing wise. Plus, she looked like she was just having SO MUCH FUN!

And she danced this with whiplash by the way!!

One thing I'm so glad about is that there wasn't a lot of bigging this up beforehand, so many times with the jive they make out it's going to be a par on Jill's Jive and then it's an inevitable damp squib - in all honesty, this is the closest thing I've seen to Jill and Darren's jive, because they came out in Week 3 and blew us all away with their routine. 

And the judges comments have to be mentioned - when Craig tells her "Fab-U-Lous" and both James and herself run over to kiss him (as James said backstage, Craig's never said that to him in his seven years doing the show!). I roared laughing!!!

Am beginning to think this may be my favourite James partnership ever....

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