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SCD 10, show 1....

So, with about half an hour to go until the second live show, am putting my thoughts on last night behind a cut (so as not to ruin helsinkibaby's Strictly night later on!)

Running order changed from what I posted yesterday..... wonder if this had anything to do with Ola breaking James's nose during one of the rehearsals?!

Fern & Artem - the fact that Artem was wearing his shirt open to show off the pecs was not a good early sign! I thought it was okay, a bit careful and there were definitely places where she was walking it as opposed to dancing. But that said she looked bloody amazing and I am envious of her legs!!

Nicky & Karen - God, I love him in the pieces to camera; he just comes across as such a lovely down to earth guy. I thought this was a nice waltz - though I agreed with whichever of the judges said he was moving better out of hold, which is quite unusual!! And can someone please tell me that I was not the only one shouting "Take your hands out of your flipping pockets!! Hold them behind your back!!!!!" Also, Craig telling off Karen for the illegal lift was deserved, but he was very harsh about it!!

Michael & Natalie - Holy Moly, he is tall! And her dress was lovely!! It was a great routine, and he delivered it well - but I found it a bit forgettable?? (I had to look at the entry I posted yesterday to find out who went next. That's not good. That said, I was drinking wine as I watched, so.....)

Victoria & Brendan - oh good god, I felt so sorry for her! She went wrong and then the nerves got to her and she just started blanking..... and she was so upset, which was awful to watch!! But the potential is definitely there if she can get the nerves under control, and she's got ballroom next week so that can only help. Have to say I loved the way Brendan reacted - he gets an awful lot of flack for being hard on his partners, but in a situation like that where she's done the work and is just gutted, he shows that he's not the ogre he's painted as!

Colin & Kristina - the surprise of the night!! He was so good!! Every move was placed just perfectly and he looked like he was enjoying himself! Kristina certainly was - she knows she has a contender this year! And on a shallow note, she looks amazing - the longer hair (extensions?) really suit her - she looks so much younger when she's not getting her hair done in that awful Marilyn Monroe style! Am looking forward to seeing more of them - cannot believe I just typed that!!

Denise & James - Far and away my favourite of the night! This routine was just gorgeous (which I'm not surprised about because James does lovely ballroom choreo). And she executed it well. I love the banter between the two of them as well, another couple who are having a ball!!

So, 20 minutes to go - will update later or tomorrow with thoughts on tonight!!

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