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SCD10 week one - music and dances!!

From digitalspy, here's the list of who's dancing what tonight and tomorrow:

Denise & James - 'With You I'm Born Again' Billy Preston & Syreeta -Waltz 
Michael & Natalie - 'If You Don't Know Me By Now' Simply Red - Waltz 
Colin & Kristina - 'I Got You (I Feel Good)' James Brown - Cha Cha
Fern & Artem - 'Signed Sealed Delivered' Stevie Wonder - Cha Cha
Nicky & Karen - 'I Wonder Why' Curtis Stigers - Waltz 
Victoria & Brendan - 'Spinning Around' Kylie Minogue - Cha Cha
Lisa & Robin - 'Think' Aretha Franklin - Cha Cha
Dani & Vincent - 'Open Arms' Mariah Carey - Waltz 
Richard & Erin - 'You Don't Bring Me Flowers' Klaus Hallen Orchestra - Waltz 
Sid & Ola - 'I Won't Give Up' Jason Mraz - Waltz 
Johnny & Iveta - 'Drive My Car' The Beatles - 'Cha Cha'
Louis & Flavia - 'Forget You' Cee Lo Green - 'Cha Cha'
Jerry & Anton - 'Everybody Loves To Cha Cha' Sam Cooke - Cha Cha
Kimberley & Pasha - 'Domino' Jessie J - Cha Cha

My thoughts, in bullet points:

+ Re-using music again I see - though at this point, it's probably hard not to! (Though I still object to Aliona using "I'm Still Standing" for a samba.....)
+ Vicky Pendleton dancing to Spinning Around - if wardrobe doesn't put her in a pair of tiny gold hotpants, I will be flabbergasted!
+ Looking forward to seeing Kimberley and Pasha cha-cha to "Domino"; I have an embarrassing amount of love for that song!
+ Lisa Riley opening the Saturday night show. With a cha-cha. I predict this will either be brilliant or a trainwreck.
+ Am glad Nicky Byrne is starting with a waltz; being in hold is a good thing for him, seeing as Westlife were not exactly known for their dance skills! (And as Nicky himself has said, standing up at the key change does not count!)
+ Cannot wait to see Sid and Ola waltz to "I Won't Give Up". That song is just gorgeous, and Ola (and James) both know how to choreograph really gorgeous ballroom routines. 
+ Also interested to see new dancer / stand in dancer Iveta with Johnny Ball. (I am obviously a horrible person, because my first thought on hearing Aliona had fractured her ankle was "Wow. She really does not want to dance with Johnny, does she?"
+ Anton and Jerry doing the cha cha. Like with Lisa and Robin, it'll either be really good or a total trainwreck. (And given that it's Anton, and a Latin dance, I'm going for trainwreck).

Without having seen anyone dance a step, I'm going to say that I'm rooting for James and Denise this year; I really hope they do well. If the banter on twitter is anything to go by, they're having a ball! The Irish in me will also be rooting for Nicky (unless he's abysmal. And if we see Bertie in the front row, I reserve the right to heckle the tv!)
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