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100 things - #5

I feel awful that I've been neglecting this challenge over the last few months (eep!!) so I think it's time to bite the bullet and start posting again....

#5  Erin and Maks - Freestyle

Erin and Maks were my favourites in season 10 - I actually think it's my favourite of all Maks pairings. I loved that she didn't take any crap from him and gave as good as she got - the clip where they'd only met when Maks said something like "This always happens - they ask for me and then they regret it" and Erin shoots back, "I didn't ask for you! I asked for Tony!" was marvellous; you could literally see Maks ego deflate!

I remember watching this routine on my iPhone 3G on YouTube (crappy quality) sitting in my car in the office car park, and flailing so much that some of the lads walking by thought I was having some kind of seizure. I loved everything about it - the song, the story, the fact that Maks took a risk and went outside his comfort zone in doing a contemporary dance....

And the emotion at the end where they're on the bed hugging..... gives me a lump in my throat every time! Quickly followed by gales of laughter when Maks informs Tom and the judges, "That wasn't the bed we rehearsed on!"

As Tom said - "Overshare!!"

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