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My gast, it is flabbered....

I can honestly say I never in a million years saw this soap news coming:

After 25 years, Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester) has decided to quit The Bold and The Beautiful

Link is here:

After the first initial thought of "Holy Feck", I think this could be a brilliant opportunity for the show - if they have the guts to kill (or "kill") Ridge off. For sure, you'd be looking at an Emmy for Katherine Kelly Lang; I still think she should've won for the work she did when Storm died (and God, this news must be so hard for her).

I don't think they'll recast - after 25 years, Ronn Moss is Ridge Forrester. I think they'll go presumed dead and then after a while, if Ronn doesn't wish to return, recast then.

One thing I would love to see that will never happen out of this - Thorne (Winsor Harmon) getting a storyline.

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