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DWTS: All-Star Season - The Cast!!

Is it terribly sad of me to say I've been obsessively checking my twitter news feeds for most of the afternoon so I could find out who made the cut???

So, without further ado:

The All-Stars
Kelly Monaco (season one winner)
Drew Lachey (season two winner)
Emmitt Smith (season three winner)
Apolo Anton Ohno (season four winner)
Hélio Castroneves (season five winner)
Shawn Johnson (season eight winner)
Bristol Palin (season eleven second runner-up)
Kirstie Alley (season twelve runner-up)
Gilles Marini (season eight runner-up)
Melissa Rycroft (season eight second runner-up)
Joey Fatone (season four runner-up)
Pamela Anderson (season ten, eliminated week seven)

The Wildcards
Carson Kressley (season thirteen, eliminated week five)
Kyle Massey (season eleven, runner-up)
Sabrina Bryan (season five, eliminated week six)

Haven't seen anything about pairings (yet) but that's going to be very interesting - for example, do you put Cheryl with Drew or Gilles? I can't see Julianne coming back, so it's new partner time for Apolo and Helio. (Though if she reprised her partnership with Apolo I would be All Over That!) Likewise, I doubt Alec Mazo is coming back, so who do you pair Kelly with? (And I am amazed they got her back!!)

Fairest way to do it is to make all new partnerships; I'm also wondering how the wild cards factor into pairing decision making??

And re-reading the list, none of Derek's previous partners are there. interesting.

I am beyond thrilled they did not cast Kate Gosselin; could not have watched her again!

Off to see if there's any updates on how this is going to work.... Anyone got any thoughts??

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