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Because that shot just begged to be iconed!!

Really enjoyed Rookie Blue 3.01 - I thought it was a great opener, really like the new rookie (and on a shallow note, I loved Charlotte Sullivan's hairdo, it really suits her that length!). William Shatner, for once, wasn't hammy (and his last scene just broke my heart - being deliberately vague for those who may not have seen it yet!)

Here's 2 fic recs that I've read in the last few days:

Take You Far by waltzmatildah- Gail/Luke, smutty banter that manages to be as adorable as hell!!

I Make The Boys Fall Like Dominoes - bydrzlilsuga, Gail/Luke(Nick)  

As I've said before, Gail/Luke are so my ship of choice on this show..... the recs reflect that! 
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