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100 things - #3

Heading back this side of the Atlantic for #3, and it's courtesy of everyone's favourite Dancing Hobbits, Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan, who were the season 7 SCD champions. 

There are a lot of people who would say they didn't deserve to win, that Ricky Whittle (2nd) and Ali Bastian (3rd) were better dancers than Chris was. And you know something, they may even be right. But what Chris and Ola had in spades was the fun factor; what he lacked in natural dance ability he more than made up for in enthusiasm and hard work. I'd never warmed to Ola until this season, and I think it was her relationship with Chris that did that, they were just so flipping adorable!! All the "Ola-chops" and "Mrs Jordan" and "Christopher" and of course, the catchphrase, "Yeah Baby!!!"

This is not going to be the only time they appear in my 100 things list, but this is my favourite dance of theirs - their Charleston. This was the first season that this dance was done in SCD, and it was just a perfect dance for them. 

And here they are dancing it in the finale, where they scored a perfect 40....

Yeah Baby!!!
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