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100 things - #1

I've been having way too much fun on YouTube looking at SCD and DWTS clips for this.... that said, it was painfully obvious what my first choice was going to be, considering I rave about it every chance I get!!

Jill & Darren's Jive

The first time they danced this was in week 3, season 2 - and it was honestly the first WOW moment of the season for me. Don't get me wrong, her first two dances (Waltz and Rumba) were good, but this was just something special, and you knew it from the first step she took. It was that perfect marriage of partnership, music and choreography, and moreover, you can tell they're having a blast! (You'll see during this 100 things, I am an absolute sucker for the dances where you know the dancers are really enjoying it!!)

Bruno called it, "a masterclass in jive" and he's absolutely right! Here's the performance from week 3:

In a stunning move that surprised absolutely no-one, they reprised their jive in the final, and were awarded the first perfect score in SCD history (this was back in the days when they didn't give out 10's as if they were sweets!!)

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