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So, I've finally updated my iPhone to the latest OS - and I now remember why I loathe doing this, as it makes me anxious to the point of vomiting in case something goes wrong and my iPhone gets irretrievably effed up.

So, to calm my nerves as I wait for my apps and music to transfer over, I do what every sane person does - go on YouTube!!

From last Tuesday's DWTS, here are husband and wife professional duo Jonathan and Anna dancing a waltz they choreographed for the friend Julia, a dancer who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. It's just gorgeous.

And from last weekend's ACM Awards, here's Miranda Lambert singing over you. No video I can find shows Blake introducing her, but his intro was lovely: "Here to perform the most important song of our lives together is the most important person in my life, Miranda Lambert Shelton.

Speaking of Blake, here he is closing the show with Lionel Richie - You Are is one of favourite Lionel Richie songs, and I will admit to squeeing like a crazy person when I heard they'd done this as a duet!!

Tags: blake shelton, dwts, miranda lambert, youtube
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