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From one reboot to another....

Last post was about the remake of 21 Jump Street, this one is about the CW's remake of Beauty and the Beast (the Linda Hamilton / Ron Perlman show that we all loved back in the day....)

According to

This version, however, has Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) as a tough-minded NYPD homicide detective who is haunted after witnessing her mother’s murder and the killers’ quick demise at the hands of a “Beast.”  After years of searching, Catherine finally finds this Beast known as Vincent Koslow (Jay Ryan), the survivor of a military experiment that went disastrously wrong. She gets to know Vincent and inevitably becomes the protector of his secret life as a superhero along with Vincent’s best friend T.J. (Austin Basis). Brown will play the role of Evan, a medical examiner who works with Catherine and has a slight crush on the detective.

I was never a fan of Smallville (watched the odd ep here and there) so I can't comment on Kristen Kreuk, but I know Jay Ryan from Sea Patrol and Max Brown from Spooks, so I'll definitely give this one a look - from the blurb above, I think it has potential!

In non-tv related news, have spent the evening looking through my old-old laptop to find pictures to use for a birthday book for my uncle, and also of work do's as our company is 40 years old this year! It's just gas looking back at how much we've all changed... even though we think we haven't!!

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