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So, apparently TV Guide has leaked the cast and pairings for the new season of DWTS - annoucement takes place this morning on GMA (which is this afternoon for me!)

I'm putting it all behind a cut tag (because there is one name that I did not expect to see and I will be flailing!!)

Celebs are:

Melissa Gilbert, 47, actor (Little House on the Prairie)
Jack Wagner, 52, actor (GH, B&B)
Gavin DeGraw, 35, musician
Donald Driver, 37, football player,
Roshon Fegan, 20, Disney channel actor,
Katherine Jenkins, 31, Welsh Classically trained singer
William Levy, 31, actor on Mexican TV,
Maria Menounos, 33, host of Extra
Martina Navratilova, 55, Tennis player,
Sherri Sheperd, 44, The View cohost,
Jaleel White, 35, actor (AKA Steve Erkel!!),

And the pairings are:

Kym and Jaleel
Maks and Melissa
Karina and Gavin
Mark and Katharine
Derek and Maria
Val and Sherry
Tony and Martina
Cheryl and William
Peta and Donald
Anna and Jack
Chelsie and Rashon

Now, I probably should be all HOLY MOLY THEY GOT MARTINA NAVRATILOVA - but instead I'm all KATHERINE JENKINS???? SERIOUSLY??? For those of you who don't know, she's a very successful classical singer, and she's just broken up with her boyfriend, tv presenter Gethin Jones, who she met when he was competing on Strictly Come Dancing and she was a guest singer. And given that there have been rumours that she can be a bit of a diva, despite her good girl image, so this could be very interesting indeed!!

Roll on this afternoon til we see how right this is!!!!!
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