smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Very Very Warm....

Not helped by the fact the HR Dept (where I work) is situated in the only area of a relatively new building (3-4 years old) that does not have air conditioning. 

We have all the windows open, the door open... and it is still BAKING. 

The only thing worse will be getting in the car to go home - it was like a furnace last night, and today is warmer still!! (Weather forecasters reckon its edging 30 degrees....)

Not much else happening.... went to a gaelic match with Dad on Saturday night, where we watched our beloved Meath lose by two clear goals... Not good folks!! Especially as they had the winning of it!! Then Nora came down afterwards and we watched the last few eps of season 1 Veronica Mars. 

The main thought I had after watching that finale??

Harry Hamlin is CREEPY. 

Seriously!! I will never be able to look at LA LAw re-runs the same way again!!!

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