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Stationary geek out...

Work today was pure mental - got given (piecemeal) a list of about 26 lads who require a specific training course; and because I got the names in dribs and drabs it felt like no sooner had I got one class organised than more names came in and I had to start again!!

And then after lunch, my stationary delivery arrived, which included the balance of 2012 diaries I'd ordered. (Also, some of my lads seem to think I'm psychic - "do you have a diary for me?" "No." "Why not?!" "Because you didn't reply to the mail I sent, telling you to let me know if you needed one?")

Tis annoying.

But the balance arrived in today - and in the bottom of the box, there was this:

A PINK A4 diary.

And it's gorgeous - the O'Briens ones are all hand-stitched and the quality is just excellent.

I have never seen a business diary that colour in all my days (usually they're black, red, green or blue) - and given that I work on a construction site, I'm going to have fun finding a home for this one!!

Or I could just retire my Filofax for the year...

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