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BSG 4.12

OK, I have to say that AJ got the line of the ep - "I suppose a pity frak's out of the question?"  This was a great ep for Felix - disquietin the soul indeed! In all seriousness though, I thought himself and Ketee just rocked that whole scene; it was nice to see someone call Sturbuck out like that. (I think we all know that I do not like Starbuck, yes?)

Nicky isn't Tyrol's son - OK, so that answers the question I've been asking since the end of s3, which is why no-one's noticed that Hera's not the first Cylon-Human baby. Though this feels like retcon to me; everything we saw of Cally suggested that she was devoted to the Chief (come on, she married him after he beat the holy hell out of her, but she doesn't love him enough to stay faithful?? Okey dokey.....)
Tigh and Caprica Six squeeing over the sonogram... that scene felt kinda off to me, I can't quite put into words why. And what about Ellen?? Though from Lee's performance in the press conference, it looks like Tigh has levelled with the Adamas, and that they're sure Ellen is dead... will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

Speaking of the scenes in sickbay.... I love Doc Cottle, the cranky chain-smoking wiseass!!

Felix and Zarek in the brig - I loved the way they shot that scene, with Zarek blocking the camera's view of Gaeta . I can understand why he's throwing his lot in with Zarek - Kara nearly tossed him out an airlock for being a collaborator, and gets off scot free, he loses his leg when a cylon shoots him and then the whole thing is covered up and Anders gets off scot free...) I think anyone in his situation would be as pissed off and angry as he is.

Adama and the pills.... what's up with that??

Baltar smoking as everyone pretty much rioted around him was amusing - reminded me of Jayne in the Firefly ep "The Train Job"! On a purely shallow note, James Callis looks much better with short hair.

As with last week, there's probably lots I'm forgetting... I should not drink wine with my dinner and then decide to watch this show!!!

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