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BSG 411

Just finished watching this.... thoughts (largely incoherent) are behind the cut

Holy Mary Mother of God.

Still stunned. Completely and utterly floored. Have to say that I was convinced that Dee was going to turn out to be the Fifth Cylon. Convinced. She's done very little the last season or so, now all of a sudden she's all over the ep? And especially when she walked into the officers racks humming. So when she picked up that gun.... oh wow. Never saw it coming (and I sceamed so loud my mum called up from downstairs to make sure I was alright).

Actually loved the Lee and Dee scenes in this ep - I was rooting for those two!! And when Gaeta looks up as she comes in, so happy, stars in her eyes, you could just see him thinking "here we go again." They (Gaeta and Dee that is) are actually one of my favourite pairings, and AJ just broke me when he's kneeling there, barely able to speak. And the look he gave Lee outside the morgue.... oh, my poor darling!!

Moving on.... the 13th colony were Cylons? That blew my mind...

Loved the scene where they got back to Galactica, and Laura's standing there in front of the fleet, totally unable to say anything to them. Mary McDonnell knocked that scene, and all the others, out of the park. (Although the book burning actually HURT me to watch!)

Kara finding her own body.... that was freaky (and as I just read on another LJ post, when something freaks Leoben out you know you have problems!) So if she's not the original Kara Thrace, who the bloody hell is she? How did she get back to Galactica?? I have a feeling this is going to be one of those time tracel things that makes my brain bleed out my ears...

And the ending... Ellen is the Fifth Cylon?? REALLY??? How on earth does that work, seeing as Saul killed her on Caprica and she is dead dead (as opposed to soap opera dead)? My is very confused!!!

Am sure there's loads of stuff I'm forgetting... I keep coming back to "Holy Mary Mother of God"!!!!
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