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Best. Dance. EVER

So, I was chatting to a friend on Twitter and she made the excellent point that Aliona, and indeed a large portion of the SCD viewing audience, may not actually be aware of the brilliance that is Jill's Jive.

Of course, they've heard about it from the judges and from IIT, it's SCD folklore at this stage, but they may not have actually SEEN it.

To whit, a YouTube linkapolooza!!

First off, the original jive, from Series 2 Week 3, which Bruno calls "a masterclass in jive"

Then, the jive from the Series 2 finale - danced in the Tower Ballroom, this was the first perfect score in SCD history

Lastly, we have Jill's guest appearance during Series 6, where she and Darren came back to show them all how it's done!!

It is impossible for me to overstate how much I adore this dance - for me, it's the best SCD routine ever.

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