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Just crazy...

James and Ola Jordan have both tweeted this afternoon to say they will NOT be appearing in the 2012 Professionals Tour, as they have just received an E-MAIL from the organisers informing them they won't be needed.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a crazy decision? Given that Brendan, Anton/Erin and Vincent/Flavia don't tour with the SCD pros because they do their own thing, the Jordans are the longest serving pro dancers who do tour (seeing as they jettisoned the Kopylova-Bennetts, Ian, Matt....)

And to do it in an e-mail is just rude. (or as someone in Twitter said, they were Hayley Holt-ed)

This makes me scared the Beeb might want rid of the Jordans, especially after the fireworks James has caused heckling the judges over the last few weeks. Which would suck for me, as they're the 2 pros I enjoy the most!

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