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Sunday night reality tv.....

And the shocks just keep on coming!!

Thoughts on Strictly and X Factor below the cut....

Am shocked that Lulu & Brendan went over Audley & Natalie. Seriously proper shocked. Ok, Lulu can't do a routine without faffing up to some degree or other, but I always find a disconnect with Audley - wonderful from the waist up, but then you look at his footwork and it's a right dogs dinner!

The other big thing that came out of last nights show is this - guest judges do not work. EVER. I mean, Jennifer Grey seems like a lovely person, but when your scoring makes Alesha's look normal, then we have a problem! The fact that she was obviously reading off cue cards and seem to have mislaid her 1-7 scoring paddles compounded the problem.

Seriously, would it have killed the Beeb to pull Karen Hardy off red button and judge for the week, and get someone like Ian Waite to cover her slot? Or get Ian to judge - just somebody who knows what they're on about!

Moment of the night for me was when Alex & James fell out of their end pose - hysterical!

Loved the charlestons - Chelsee & Pasha had the edge for me, I thought it was cute & funny and it totally suited her. Anita was good, but I felt there were large sections where Robin really out danced her.

Loved Holly & Artem's jive - great choreo, it was a completely different take on the jive and it absolutely paid off. Couldn't believe Artem danced like that when he was injured - and he was in severe pain, Holly was almost carrying him up the stairs at the end. Hopefully he'll be able to dance next week.....

As ever, I loved Russell & Flavia - I giggled through the whole routine!!

Oh, and I said this on Twitter but it bears repeating - anyone remember when the VT's used to be all about how the couples got on in training? I miss that.....

So once SCD finished, Mam and I flipped over to the X Factor results (well, we waited till the 2nd half of it, because that's when the filler stops and you're down to the business end of things). Can anybody explain to me how that skanky little so-and-so is still in the competition when he can't sing, has a piss-poor attitude and honestly looks like he needs (a) a haircut (b) a shower and (c) possibly a delousing? Seriously am amazed he wasn't even in the bottom 3!

(The Mammy, by the way, saw his name called out and goes, "this has to be a fix." And I'm inclined to agree.)

Also, making Louis choose between the B2 first when they're both his acts? Not cool show, not cool at all!

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