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First of all, I now have a number plate on the back of my car - it is truly sad how happy this makes me!!

Secondly, read some interesting Casualty casting news on teletext last night ... cut-tagging for those who want to remain spoiler free or who aren't interested!!)

Gerard Kyd (Sean Maddox) is returning to Casualty (for 5 episodes) as part of the BBC's celebration of the show's 20th anniversary. Last seen at the end of series 14 after making a new life for himself in Australia with with nurse Tina Seabrook.
However when he returns we learn he has split from Tina, with whom he had a child with. Fans will be shocked to see him romancing another female character.
Completely torn with this - one one hand, I'm thrilled because I love Sean!! On the other hand, him and Tina were one of my fave Casulaty couples ever, so I'm really disappointed that they broke them up (although as soon as I heard Gerard was coming back and nothing about Clare Goose, I knew they'd go that way with it. The swines!)
Although I am curious to find out who the female character he'll be romancing is....
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