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Strictly, week 2

OK, I think we can all agree that the ballroom dances this week were way better than the Latin – whose bright idea was it to give them the salsa on week 2?? That needs to be saved for later in the competition as it’s notoriously hard – for the pro’s as well as the celebs!!
14 dancers made it a marathon night – brief thoughts are behind the cut!!

Chelsee & Pasha – Salsa
I really enjoyed this one – she looked so cute and had good rhythm; but I agree that there wasn’t a lot of salsa content in it, it was more like a disco dance! But she did it well and looked like she was having fun, which matters a lot.
Edwina  & Vincent – Foxtrot
Not good – WAY too long of an intro, and very little actual foxtrot content.
Audley & Natalie – Salsa
The routine was fun, and Audley has a great smile and looks like he’s enjoying himself. But I thought this was great from the waist up, not so good from the waist down! And on a shallow note, Natalie looked fabulous! She deserved to get through just for that dress!
Alex & James – Foxtrot
Major, major improvement – I think ballroom is going to be her forte; she certainly danced a lot better in hold, and I thought she was a lot more confident this week. I can’t see them winning it, but I think they’ll go far, there’s loads of potential there.
Dan & Katya – Salsa
OK, am going to nail my colours to the mast and say I love this couple. But this was just not a great dance. He looked awkward with a lot of the moves (though a handspring like that is no mean feat when you’re 6ft 5!!) but he still managed to look as if he was having fun!! I agree with the judges though – this is one of the dances which was least likely to suit him and he’s much better off getting it out of the way when there’s 13 other dancers rather than when there’s only 4 or 5.
Lulu & Brendan – Foxtrot
Again, major improvement! I thought this was just lovely, though you could see the height difference was causing them problems. But she remembered the routine, which is a hue improvement!!
Holly & Artem – Salsa
Again I enjoyed this – the dress was amazing on her! Good salsa content, but as Alesha said, she just needs to loosen up and let go a bit, the whole routine just felt a bit safe and clean. My worry with her is that she’s going to be this season’s surprise boot, a la Gabby Logan or Zoe Lucker.
Rory & Erin – Salsa
Posture was a bit straight for the salsa, but this was not a bad effort at all! He’s not a bad dancer, and Erin choreographed a good routine for him.
Robbie & Ola – Foxtrot
Oh man, I loved this! Thought he improved greatly, and he handled the umbrella really well. Good footwork too, and they looked like they were having a blast! So glad Craig gave him good comments too.
Anita & Robin – Salsa
WTF was wardrobe thinking with that dress – she looked like a dolly mixture!! I can’t comment too much on the dance because the outfit distracted me that much! Probably not her dance, will be interesting how she copes with other Latin dances.
Jason & Kristina – Foxtrot
Another great dance from Jason, lots of good basic content and he danced it very very well. I’m so glad Kristina has finally got someone who can actually dance – you can see how much it means to her. These two have got to be a lock for the final..
Nancy & Anton – Salsa
A Hot Mess. That is all.
Harry & Aliona – Foxtrot
Judges called it, his posture was bloody awful and this only deserved 6’s. Content wise, not a bad dance, but he is going to suffer from Aliona’s choreography, which is quite limited. And Len was right – she doesn’t listen to the judges, we saw that quite clearly last year. Which is a shame, because Len and Craig were telling her the truth and if she doesn’t sort out his posture she’s really going to harm his chances.  (And someone remind me to stay away from Twitter, because the rabid Harry/Aliona fanbase was giving out about Len being too hard on them and they deserved a higher score…… Um, NO)
Russell & Flavia – Salsa
Russell is never going to be the best dancer in this competition, but there’s something terrifically enjoyable and endearing about him. He’s surprisingly light on his feet, and he really managed to bring the party feel to the floor (and the salsa is a party dance, so big points for that!) I think he’ll be here for a while – and he should be, because he can actually dance!
The Result:
How in the world is Nancy not in the bottom two? HOW?? HOW????
Sad to see Edwina go, but not surprised because that was not a good dance. Am gutted for Vincent.
Not too surprised to see Audley there; hopefully he’ll shake it off and deliver a good performance next week, because he has loads of potential.
Lulu’s delayed reaction to be saved was hysterical, and I loved Russell’s “Thank You” to the camera!

Next week is Broadway week!!! It seems to be tango for the ballroom, no word yet on Latin….
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