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Thank goodness for iPads....

Home Internet is still dead. Woe!

But have spoken to (surprisingly efficient) support peeps who confirmed that no we're not getting a signal and will be sending an engineer out to investigate. No-one's appeared yet, but the fact they're returning our calls is a huge tick in the Win column!

Thank goodness for my iPad (I love my daddy...) - may not be able to dl stuff but I can still surf the web and look at stuff on YouTube, which is how I wound up watching DWTS clips earlier, and I watched JR Martinez and Karina dance their rumba earlier on.

Holy moly, he made me cry. I'm actually rooting for Karina (who I do not like!) to win the MBT.

Here's a link (I hope it works!):

This was story week - the contestants had to pick a year that was most important to them, pick a song, and tell a story with their dance. JR and Karina danced to Tim McGraw's If You're Reading This, dedicating it to all fallen soldiers. For those of you who aren't familiar with JR's story, he was a soldier in Iraq and suffered horrific burns over 40% of his body when his humvee hit a land mine. He's had over 30 operations and skin grafts; he's since become a motivational speaker and also an actor, playing Brot Munroe on the recently cancelled All My Children.

This dance was just gorgeous - full of emotion (you could see Karina was actually sobbing for real as they started after the VT) but he just danced it so well - had lots of hip action, lovely lines - and the rumba is such a hard dance for a celeb male because they've so little to do in it!
I feel the need to find screencaps and make an icon....
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