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+ So our home Internet has been down since Friday. At first I thought the router had packed in, and FavouriteUncleJim confirmed this on Saturday morning. However he also pointed out that we only have a power light on the IDU, but no Ethernet light, which means we're not getting a signal. And trying to contact the service provider is a nightmare - answering machines all over the place! I don't know who's finding the lack of Internet more traumatic - me or Dad; he doesn't know what to do with himself when he's no way of checking his mails! (OK, he can check them from the iPhone, but composing long mails on those things is a pain!)

+Plus which, FavouriteUncleJim's birthday gift to Dad was a Kindle, which he can't set up because we have no Internet!!!

+ Am planning a long post on Strictly; but let me just say I thought Jason & Kristina were amazing! Was very disappointed in Lulu, and was charmed by Dan & Katya's routine (and a little disturbed by the amount of sweat that was pouring off him at the end!)

+ was sick last week and wound up marathoning the first 8 eps of Rookie Blue season 2. Am developing a huge gra (Irish for love) for Luke - I sense this might be unpopular within the fandom but I just find him more interesting than either McNally or Swarek! And it's nice to watch Gregory Smith without shouting "shut up Ephram!" every five minutes! Also, Tracy and Jerry deserve more screen time than they're getting.

+ and having said all that, I need to sleep......

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