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SCD - Nicole Cutler's Blog!

Just found this linked on Twitter - Nicole Cutler, formerly of Strictly, has started a new blog of her thoughts on the show!

Only entry so far is about Saturdays launch show and it makes for an enjoyable read - she knows the pros and having been on the show herself, she has a good take on things!

Here's her view on Aliona, which I agree with and she says it way more eloquently that I do.... 
It seems Aliona is very lucky to have had 3 young, good looking and able partners in a row now, let's see if it's 3rd time lucky.  On paper this looks like a fantastic partnership - full of youth, energy & sex appeal but sometimes what's on paper doesn't necessarily mean the same on the dance floor as we have seen in many series past.  It all depends on how the partnership works together & how the Pro creates the dance to enhance the celebs assets or disguise their weaknesses, not how to create a dance to show off themselves.  Aliona has been guilty of this in the past & has had this pointed out to her by the judges so, if she takes heed and has learnt from the past, perhaps this could be the year for her.

Definitely one to bookmark and come back to as the series progresses!

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