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Thoughts on the SCD launch show...

Has taken me since Saturday night to get around to typing this up - and I warn you in advance, long post is long!!

Robbie & Ola - this one surprised me, I thought for sure they'd pair her with Harry! Will be interested to see how they get on - Robbie talks a good game (training 10 hours a day?!) - question will be can he dance?

Dan & Katya - I'm delighted with this pairing! Love Katya, and from the 20 or so minutes I catch of Daybreak in the mornings I quite like Dan, who seems like a nice chap. Katya has the Lilia-esque ability to get the best out of her partners, so i'm really looking forward to seeing how they go - based on the grow dance, I think she'll have her work cut out for her, as he looked very awkward! (I'm thinking great in ballroom, lousy at Latin!)

Harry & Aliona - again, I thought he'd be partnered with Ola! Then again, he's the bookies favourite and has a sizeable fan base - and given his partner, he'll need it! Aliona seems a lovely person, but I find her choreography to be very very weak; there were several dances last year (the salsa!) where she really hurt them. Nonetheless, I think they're going to go a long way.

Anita & Robin - I love how when Anita said she was hoping for someone gentle, they cut to James and Brendan looking the other way! I think they're going to be a great couple - Robin is the perfect partner for her!

Chelsee & Pasha - first, let me say Pasha is a VAST improvement over Jared!! Chelsee seems quite fun and up for the challenge, will be fun to see how they go - she's the only celeb I didn't know (don't watch Waterloo Road) and seeing as Pasha is an unknown quantity, I'm not sure how long they'll last (she could get very annoying very quickly!)

Lulu & Brendan - another pairing that made me scream with delight! I love Lulu, and Brendan is definitely at his best when partnered with someone who'll give him right back what he dishes out! Her reaction was priceless - they've said in interviews that they never thought they'd be paired together as he's the tallest male pro and she's barely over 5 foot tall! But I'm so looking forward to them - she can dance, so i really hope they're in for the long haul!!

Jason & Kristina - another priceless reaction; have never seen anyone so excited!! But she's overdue a contender (went out far too early last year with Goldie, who didn't have the kind of fan base needed for SCD) and Jason looks like he can move! Plus as you saw in the VT, he's taking the show seriously. (Though he may need to watch that - anyone remember Gabby Logan?)

Rory & Erin - Erin certainly looked happy when her name was called; I think this is going to be quite entertaining! He looked okay in the group dance, and I'd say Erin will make a good dancer of him (like Lilia, she gets the best out of her partners)

Audley & Natalie - this was an obvious match given the height thing; I think Natalie might need all her teaching skills though; thought he seemed a bit awkward in the group dance. (And when she was bouncing up and down waiting for Brucie to call her name, was I really the only one hoping he'd say Russell, just to see her face??)

Russell & Flavia - the temptation is there to go "poor Flavia"; but you know what? I think they'll still around for longer than people think. Going on the group dance, he can move; he's definitely got the enthusiasm and he seems to have a good personality. I'm really looking forward to seeing them (and given that I'm not a big fan of Flavia's, this is a new one for me!!)

Alex & James - this one I'm not as enthused by. Not wild on Alex Jones, I find her a bit false. But I love James, so I'm hoping she lasts a while. (in all honesty, I was really pulling for a James/Lulu pairing.)

Holly & Artem - looks like Artem'll be there for a while, because Holly is well able to dance! Liked how she came across in the VT, and one of the funniest moments of the night was the look of relief on his face when he realised he wasn't being paired with Edwina!

Nancy & Anton - Poor Anton. Poor poor Anton. I really can't say anymore than that.

Vincent & Edwina - oh, I think they are going to be hugely entertaining! She's going to be more than a match for Vincent!

If you've actually made it through all that, would love to know your thoughts!!

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