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I love you Jesse.....

So, I went all retro on YouTube tonight, and it is entirely possible that the only person who gets how excited these m-vids make me is helsinkibaby -  they're from the show Life Goes On, and feature Becca and Jesse (Kellie Martin and Chad Lowe), who are one of my bulletproof OTP's!!

And if anyone feels like having a real weep, one marvellous YT user has uploaded episode 4.13 "Visions" in its entirity - this is the beginning of the 5 episode arc which led to the series finale, its the one where Jesse is diagnosed with full blown AIDS. He's unable to speak to a class about AIDS, so Becca reads his speech for him, and when she's overcome and can't continue, their friend Goodman (Kiersten Warren) steps in.

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 

Sadly, only season 1 of the show is out on DVD, which is a real shame as I'd love to see seasons 3 & 4 again! The only full ep that's on YT is "Visions" - I've found links to the finale, but it's been taken down due to a copyright claim (woe!!)

That said, I'm fairly sure helsinkibaby still has it on videotape somewhere..... we sould totally watch that sometime!! (With tissues. And wine. Lots of wine!!)
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