smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

Geeking out over new techology....

Have spent most of this afternoonsetting up my brand new iPhone 4 - Holy Mary Mother of God, I am IN LOVE!!

You have to understand, I've had an iPhone 3G since December 2008. And I loves it - it is very much like another limb to me. But the last few months, it's been slow. (Slower than the M50 used to be on a rainy / snowy night, and believe me that is saying something!) And a lot of the newer apps that are coming out won't work on it (Pinterest, I'm looking at you) simply because the phone just doesn't have the firepower to run them.

Situation was slightly more complicated by the fact that my 3G was bought as a gift, and thus registered in my fathers name. Which meant he had to be with me to change the phone. And trying to get half an hour to do that is tougher than you may think!

So finally grabbed him this morning and went shopping.... and boy am I glad I did!!

Off to grab a bite to eat and then we're heading off to Navan to watch the (not-so) mighty men of Meath play Kildare - lets just say we're going more in hope than expectation!

Tags: shiny new iphone
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