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Is it just me?

Have just looked around Twitter, and noticed people getting very irate that they've been spoiled for the series finale of Dr Who by other peoples tweets showing up in their timelines.

Am I the only person who reads that and thinks "if you haven't watched it, for whatever reason, what the heck are you doing on Twitter where you know full well the chances of being spoiled are very high indeed?"

If I think I'm going to be spoiled on twitter, I either (a) avoid or (b) scroll very fast & read the tweets with one eye open!

But if I get spoiled, I know I've no-one to blame but myself!

Have also seen the same thing on FB, which I'll agree is inconsiderate in the extreme.... not everyone can watch as it's aired, especially if you're not in the UK/Ireland.

But complaining that Twitter has spoiled you is to me, just bonkers.

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