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Good news - just read that Masi Oka has been promoted to regular status on season 2 of Hawaii Five O: this is good because (a) he and his character are awesome and (b) there is going to be a season two!!

In not so good news, I just spoiled myself (by accident, I was trying to be good!) for the season finale of Survivor Redemption Island, which aired in the states last night. Fiddlesticks.

And I still require an e-book buying intervention (Kindle for iPad is awesome. And evil.) Envelope from bank dropped in the door today - 99% sure it's my credit card bill and I'm almost scared to look at the blasted thing!!

Home alone for the weekend, I watched lots of tv - found a marathon of Hellcats yesterday morning; wound up watching eps 6-11 and have sourced all the eps that have aired after that; it's not a great show by any stretch if the imagination, but it's fun!! Kind of reminds me of season 1 of One Tree Hill (before it went to he'll in a hand basket and stopped being fun!!) Season finale airs this week, am keeping fingers crossed it gets picked up. Plus it has Sharon Leal (Dahlia!!) and DB Woodside (who along with Rob Lowe, has obviously done an anti-ageing deal with the devil, he has not aged one day since Murder One!!) - and his "You Rock My World" dance number was ridiculously hot!!

I was going to ramble about the goings on in Emmerdale, but that's a rant for another day (if I start I might not stop!!)

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