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Memory Lane.....

I have spent most of the last few evenings watching clips from this YouTube channel:

Loads of videos from Guiding Light, especially the glory daydream that were 1993/94 - the story that got me hooked, "Who Shot Roger", features heavily, as does clips of Marj Dusay as Alexandra. But wrapped up in all these are some lovely Dylan/Bridget scenes, as she struggles to get custody of baby Peter back from Vanessa (Dylans stepmother). I loved loved loved Dylan and Bridget back in the day - I still refuse to acknowledge the TRAVESTY that was Brian Gaskill - they were friends before they got involved romantically, and I remember a lot of will they won't they (mostly because of the custody battle) and that's the kind of thing you don't get in soaps today, that slow burn as opposed to insta-romance

One of my favourite moments occurs in The Secret Wedding Clip 13, where Vanessa confronts Dylan over his support of Bridget and throws him out of the house.

God, I miss this show.
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