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Good news from the family in Australia - my cousin's wife had a baby boy this morning, two and a half weeks early. She was due on November 14th, the day after Mum Dad and myself fly out to surprise my aunt for her 50th! There'll be a lot of celebrating going on...

In TV news, Spooks came back last night. After the rubbish that was season 6 (ZAF!!!!! SOB!!!) I had pretty much given up on the show, and then they announced Richard Armitage was joining. So of course I watched it (God I'm so shallow!). Thoughts are below the cut, to save those who have no interest...

 After the dreck that was last season, this show really came back with a bang!! Loved the resolution to last season's cliffhanger - Adam telling Jo to play dead was a great way out of it, and Miranda is doing a great job of playing Jo - she's so broken for most of this ep, right until the end anyways.

Loved Malcolm, Connie and Harry, and Richard Armitage looks to be a great addition to the cast as Lucas North. Am looking forward to seeing what they do with him. Though let's be honest, the exhange between himself and Harry "How did Tom Quinn work out?" "He took early retirement" pretty much made the ep for me!

Ros is back - and she continues to be awesome.

Adam.... I'd read in one of the papers that a major character died in the first ep, and seeing as RPJ has made no secret of the fact he's leaving, my money was on him. And so it was (THANK GOODNESS!!!!!) - and that is how you kill off one of your mains - the explosion was spectacular, and he went out a hero. In this ep, he was much more the Adam that we saw in season 3 and early season 4 - up until the Fionabot2000 was killed, and it's really been downhill from there. I hated the fact that the last 2 seasons have more or less been the Adam and Ros show, to the detriment of the other characters (you will never convince me that that's not why Raza left, and I have a funny feeling that Miranda won't be too far behind him.) If I'm being honest, I'm glad he's gone, because he really did eat the show the last few years.
But the bit that KILLED me - Wes, playing rugby, turning to see Harry and just knowing why he was there. And going over to hug him, and the negative.... oh God, that was the toughest part of the whole thing.

And now, onto episode 2.....
I've just heard them mention the word "snow" on the weather forecast...... holy moly I knew it's been cold today, but is it really that cold?????
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