smiley_b (smiley_b) wrote,

My iPhone = Lazarus

Have just spent a very nervous couple of hours restoring my iPhone 3G after it completely died on me earlier on this afternoon - restore involved going back to the default factory settings and then re-installing all my info from the backup, which thankfully I'd only done a week ago, so I didn't loose much info.

But still, am going to go and vomit and then lie down in a dark room somewhere.

Further trauma may come though as I had to download the newest software update, which apparently fecks up the running of the 3G....

Am planning on updating, just have to get my dad to come with me as the phone is in his name!! And find out if there is any way I can do that and keep my number, which o2 girl didn't think I could when I asked - after 12 odd years, I want to keep mine, can't be doing with learning a new one!!

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