Alesha & Matt

Strictly 2017 Final!

Avoiding spoilers just in case...

All I’ll say is that each of the 4 finalists brought their A game to the final (Gemma in particular had 3 outstanding dances!) but i was so happy with the couple that won!!

And as Alesha Dixon tweeted, it’s the 10 year anniversary of her win with Matt Cutler (points to icons) - holy moly I feel old!!


And another 6 months later....

So, this updating LJ thing is going really well, isn't it???

Am currently stuck working from home (as much as I can when I don't have my work laptop and thus access to the systems I need is severely curtailed....) because of Ex-Hurricane / Storm Ophelia, and decided that this is as good as a time as any to update!!

Worst of the storm hasn't hit the East Coast (where I am) yet, but the south of the country is getting battered and there's a high tide due right in the middle of it all, so it's very not good......

TV wise, still behind on everything - but if you follow me on Tumblr, you know that I've fallen in love with Strike, the 2no mini-series that the BBC commissioned based on the Cormoran Strike novels by Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) - seriously, if you haven't watched them you should, because they're excellent!! Cinematography is gorgeous, and casting Holliday Grainger as Robin is inspired! Tom Burke wasn't quite how I pictured Cormoran (I had him in my head as older, more dishevelled) but he completely won me over about 10 minutes into the first ep.

And thanks to helsinkibaby, I've been re-watching one of my earliest fandoms, The Flying Doctors!!! (Almost 30 years later, the season one finale still reduces me to a sobbing wreck!)

I do have thoughts on this season of Strictly, but I think that's going to be a seperate post as it shall doubtless be long!!

How has everyone else been? 

back again....

It's really weird how i post a meme 6 months ago, which is intended to get me posting again, and nothing happens; yet I get wind of an impending LJ apocalypse and here I am, posting away!!!

I've seen a lot of people deleting their LJ's over the last few days - I'm not going to do that at the moment, for 2 main reasons:

(1) Even though I'm posting mostly on tumblr now, LJ is still my oldest fandom home, and I'm not ready to let go of that yet, and

(2) I have a paid account until January of 2018, and I'm too pennywise and pound foolish to delete something that I've already paid up front for!! (In other words, I'm tight!)

However, the concept of agreeing to a translation of user T&Cs which may or may not be correct makes me fierce uneasy, so I'm going to be posting more on Dreamwidth and cross-posting to LJ (and depending on how much i keep this up, I might up to a paid account on DW, we'll see how things go.)

So, how is everyone on ye olde F-list, what have we all been up to?

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Shamelessly stealing this from helsinkibaby in an effort to get me writing / posting again!!!

Pick up to three letters and I'll give you my answers:

A - Ships that you currently like a lot. (They don’t have to be OTPs because not everyone has OTPs.) Friendships, pairings, threesomes, etc. are allowed.
B - A pairing–platonic, romantic or sexual–that you initially didn’t consider, but someone changed your mind.
C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will.
D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t.
E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom? If so, what?
F - What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom?
G - Have you ever had an OTP? If so, do you remember your first one? Who was in it?
H - What is your favorite source text for fandom stuff (e.g., TV shows, movies, books, anime, Western animation, etc.)?
I - Has social media caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why?
J - Name a fandom you didn’t think about until you saw it all over social media. (You don’t have to care about it or follow it; it just has to be something that social media made you aware of.)
K - What character has your favorite development arc/the best development arc?
L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves. (Characters you’re neutral about are fair game, as are characters you merely dislike. Characters that you absolutely loathe with the fire of ten thousand suns are exempt, as there is no point in giving yourself an aneurysm over a character that you hate.)
M - Name a character that you’d like to have for a friend.
N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice).
O - Choose a song at random. Which ship or character does it remind you of?
P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).
Q - A fandom you’ve abandoned and why.
R - Which friendship/platonic relationship is your favorite in fandom?
S - Show us an example of your personal head canon (prompts optional but encouraged)
T - Do you have any hard and fast head canons that you will die defending?
U - Three favorite characters from three different fandoms, and why they’re your favorites.
V - Which character do you relate to most?
W - A trope which you are virtually certain to hate in any fandom.
X - A trope which you are almost certain to love in any fandom.
Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (i.e., fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)?
Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go! (Prompts optional but encouraged.)

Memories of Strictly gone by....

Brendan Cole tweeted a link to this last night, the infamous Rebel Yell Pro Jive.

This is, hands down and without any doubt whatsoever, the best professional jive that Strictly has ever done. It's from the 2007 series, which also had the best professional roster Strictly has ever had (I still miss Matt Cutler, Darren and Lilia, Erin, Karen Hardy, Ian and Camilla).

Matt and Nicole choroegraphed this brilliantly, and the best thing about is it that you can tell the pros are having the absolute best time performing it - it's the kind of pro number that you don't see on Strictly anymore, which I think is a crying shame.


the epitome of screaming into the void....

Because no one is going to know what I'm on about!!

But tonight's episode of Red Rock..... Holy Mary Mother of God, that was the best hour of episodic tv I've seen in a long long time!

From the killer reveal to the twist at the end (which I half saw coming but then gasped out loud when I realised I hadn't!!) it kept me completely enthralled.... Just can't believe I have to wait a week for the next ep!!!


and so it begins....

The Beeb have started their annual drip feed release of this years Strictly celebs, and the first one to be announced is former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.

Dear God, the bad gags just write themselves, don't they? (am sure Bruno is practicing the double entendres as we speak - though in his case they may be single entendres....)

Looking forward to hearing the rest of the names.... Seeing as the Ed Balls rumor was right, I'm really hoping we'll also see Lesley Joseph (Dorian from "Birds of a Feather") and original Pop Idol Will Young be revealed....

Though no casting will ever top the glorious WTF-ness that was Daniel O'Donnell lady year!!!


Star Trek Beyond

Just back from seeing this in the cinema with helsinkibaby - my immediate, bullet point, non spoilery thoughts are below:

• I really really enjoyed it, way more than the last one but not quite as much as the first (but the first set such high expectations that I honestly don't think any of the sequels could surpass it.

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